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by Bjørn Jacobsen



The books are only sold in USD. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but the web provider does only allow one currency.


DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 1    USD 35,50 

DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 2    USD 39,50 

DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 3    USD 35,50

DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 4    USD 35,50 

Making Historical Dioramas          USD 35.50

The COMPLETE GUIDE                 USD 98,00

EXPLOSIONS and FIRES               USD 25,50

MAKING DAMAGES                       USD 25,50


All books ordered on this website are sent from Norway.

Please use                               if possible.

Unfortunately, the postage cost is substantial to countries far away from Norway and I have therefore decided to offer a


WORLDWIDE mail cost of USD 7,00  

Extra freight costs for The complete Guide: USD 20,00


Please note that the main supplier of the book is Amazon, both in the US. in Europe, and in Japan

Please order from Amazon if you prefer.

             Til kjøpere i Norge:

             DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 1        kr 330,00

             DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 2        kr 380,00

             DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 3        kr 330,00

             DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 4        kr 330,00

             Making Historical Dioramas              kr 330,00

             The COMPLETE GUIDE                     kr 950,00

             EXPLOSIONS and FIRES                   kr 250,00

             MAKING DAMAGES                            kr 250,00

              alle priser er inkludert porto

              Hvis du er interessert, ta kontakt via PM eller email (denne websiden kan bare handle i USD)

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Publisher: Bjørn Jacobsen       1448 Drøbak, Norway       email:  bjorn-jacobsen@outlook.com     tlf  0047 917 57 800