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Bjørn Jacobsen lives with his wife in a small seaside town in Norway.

He has worked in advertising and marketing and had his own company for many years until he retired in 2004.

He has always been fascinated by aircraft and built his first model of a World War 2        aircraft in 1957, 15 years old.

Since then he has made numerous models, mostly WWII planes, but also a few dioramas.

After years of modelling, he found it more and more rewarding and challenging to make dioramas, because it requires not only modelling skills but also a sense of realism and a lot of research and scratch building to get it as realistic as possible.

It also gives him the opportunity to let the models tell their story – and a story, they always have.

For years, he has posted his work to the many model groups around the world and he often has been asked to publish some of his amazing work.

He has now taken those requests seriously and has written these books.

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The main supplier is Amazon and you can buy the books on any of Amazon's many websites.

This will usually be the best and fastest way.

If you do not want to buy from Amazon, you can get the books directly from Bjørn Jacobsen.

To get it from him, you have to send him an email ( or a PM explaining which book you want. The payment will usually be by PayPal.

The COMPLETE guide to military DIORAMAS and MODELS

This book contains six of the books by Bjørn Jacobsen:

* A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 1, 2, and 3

* How to make EXPLOSIONS and FIRES in a diorama

* How to make BATTLE DAMAGES to a plastic model in a diorama

* Making Historical Dioramas

* Plus a lot of unpublished material

* More than 2.500 colour pictures

* More than 60 of Bjørn Jacobsen’s world-renown dioramas

* 12 very useful and down-to-earth how-to-do-it articles

* 590 pages, all fully packed with helpful tips, ideas, and pictures


© 2019 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9781081171988

Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.4 x 11 inches (21.5 x 3.6 x 27.9 cm)  

Price: USD 79.00


A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 1

This is the first book in the "DIORAMAS-and- MODELS"-series.

This book is not about building the perfect model or diorama.   

It is about creating a snapshot of history, to freeze a moment in time and,

above all, to tell a story. 

The beauty of building a diorama is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.   It is entirely up to your creativity and imagination.

This book describes nearly thirty different dioramas and gives you a fantastic insight into how these were created. 

More than 900 pictures and in-depth descriptions,

© 2017 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN-13: 978-1547075287

168 pages, Language: English, German, French, and Spanish

Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm) 

Price: USD 35.50 


A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 2


This book describes twenty dioramas, spaning a wide range of themes, from aircraft crashes to rescue operations and armor vehicles in action.

The book is not about building the perfect diorama; it is to show that with creativity and imagination, you can make any diorama you want. 

The book has more than 800 pictures and numerous tips and guidance which will help you build your own military diorama.

© 2018 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN-13:  978-1722881504

198 pages. Language: English and German

Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm)  

Price: USD 37.50


A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 3

The book describes twelve very interesting dioramas.

More than 500 pictures and numerous tips and guidance will help you create your military diorama. 

He keeps everything as simple and straightforward as possible and are not making things unnecessarily complicated. 

© 2019 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN-10: 1097280926

173 pages, Language: English 

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm) 

Price: USD 35.50 


A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 4

The book has 157 pages and 490 pictures and describes 15 of his

world-renowned dioramas in great detail.

He also keeps everything as simple and straightforward as possible

without making things unnecessarily complicated.

The dioramas in this book are mostly based on documented events, and Bjørn Jacobsen shows that it is even more fun to build something which has its root in the real world.

It sure shows the diversity in this hobby, and that’s great because the whole point of building models and dioramas is to have fun!

© 2020 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9798688477962 

157 pages, Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm) 

Price: USD 35.50



A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and MODELS vol 5


The book has 157 pages and more than 400 pictures.

It describes fifteen of his world-renowned dioramas in great detail.

Many of the dioramas in this book are based on documented events, and Bjørn Jacobsen shows that it is even more fun to build something which has its root in the real world and that often can be documented with photographs. He made his utmost to make these dioramas as close to the real event as possible.

© 2022 Bjørn Jacobsen

Text, pictures, and layout by Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9798359049504

157 pages, Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm)

Price: USD 35.50



How to make EXPLOSIONS and FIRES in a diorama

This book does not go into details about the building of dioramas but concentrates on the construction of explosions and fires as a part of a diorama.

In this book, Bjørn Jacobsen reveals all his “secrets” and takes you through the process, step-by-step, of building dramatic true-to-life explosions and fires.

Sixteen different explosions and fires are explained in great detail.

© 2019 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9781702312325

88 pages, 260 pictures. Language: English 

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm)

Price: USD 25.50 



to a plastic model in a diorama


This book concentrates on making realistic damages to a plastic model.

Most of the contents in this book are from different world-renowned dioramas,

The book gives examples from twelve different dioramas, all with various damages, but, as always, it’s your creativity that makes the difference!

This book gives you a lot of inspiration and ideas to make spectacular dioramas!

81 pages, 235 pictures.

Language: English

© 2020 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9798607810238

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm) 

Price: USD 25.50



Making Historical Dioramas

This book is a guide to making historical dioramas describing an event in the past. The book is giving examples of how an event is turned into a diorama. And it gives you a lot of ideas about how you might build your historical diorama.

He uses his dioramas as examples and explains in text and pictures how they were made, points the reader in the right direction, and urges him/her to use their imagination and creativity.

He tries to keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible and are not making things unnecessarily complicated.

157 pages, 18 dioramas explained in detail.

More than 500 pictures

© 2021 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9798736395279

Language: English 

Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm) 

Price: USD 35.50


How to make a

CRASH LANDING in a diorama

In this book, Bjørn Jacobsen reveals his “secrets” in making

true-to-life crash-landings of scale model aircraft.


He takes you through the process, step by step, of building

dramatic and realistic crash-landing scenes.


He writes in an easy-to-understand language and illustrated

everything with pictures.


The book has:


- 77 pages and 226 pictures.

- Three crash-landings scenes are described in detail.

- Twenty different crash landings are used as examples.


© 2023 Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN: 9798375732695

Language: English

Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm)

Price: USD 22.50


Some of the books are also available in other languages::


Vol 1 und

Vol 2




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Expensive but well worth it.

Thomas; (The Complete Guide) This is an amazing book. There is so many pictures of fantastic dioramas and finished kits. Every Model or Diorama has a history in pictures of how to build it. So much great information in this book. A must have for all Modelers.

Timothy Ward:  Great ideas for diorama building. This book offered some great ideas and tips and techniques for dioramas. Thanks for the info--HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Danny Spence: (The Complete Guide) This book is beyond fantastic! It has tons of colour images and steps on how to do magnificent dioramas. It also has in-depth explanations on why he did them that way. Lots of things you can learn from this book. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who want their work to stand out.

Daro Jan Fenton: The Complete Guide has arrived and to be honest I am absolutely speechless! What an amazing book this tome is. I will learn an awful lot from your techniques but my chances of reaching your standards are slim in comparison, but I will certainly do my very best to emulate your amazing work.


Karel Pešek: Last year I bought 4 dioramas books from Mr. Jacobsen, and they are great, I recommend them to every model designer


David Hall: IMHO (In my humble opinion), “The Complete Guide to Military Dioramas and Models” is worth every cent!

It’s authored by Bjørn Jacobsen. Text pictures and layout by Bjørn Jacobsen. And last but not least, independently published by Bjørn Jacobsen.

If you are getting the idea that this is his book, you are correct and a wonderful text it is. I am going to try and give those of you who may not own it yet some idea of what I found.

We as modellers have seen Bjørn’s work before and it is beautiful. His dioramas are very realistic. This test explains how he does it.

Part 1: Dioramas with LED – explosions and fires, 187 pages. It all starts with an introduction to the materials and methods he uses in the creation of his very realistic explosions and fires. A nice synopsis of the various LEDs available on the market, pros and cons of each and the importance of LED light colour. Since each type of LED requires somewhat different wiring, perhaps heat sinks or resistors, Bjørn leaves that part to you. There are a ton of examples on the web so just Google for the information.

Bjørn then includes no less than 19 of his personal model/dioramas builds where he goes pretty much step by step through the process of the creation of the diorama, construction/preparation of the models and finally how each contributes to the diorama. He then covers the steps he took in preparing backgrounds, adding the models and how the photography was staged.

All in all, Part 1 will keep the average modeller busy for months I would guess. As I digest the following 9 parts I will add more. I also want to give a personal thank you to Bjørn for the tremendous amount of information he is sharing with the modelling world.

Parts 2, 3 and 4. I grouped these together as they share a common thread, aircraft. Part 2 is essentially Dog Fights, Part 3 is crashed aircraft which is often the result of a Dog Fight and Part 4 is a very detailed presentation of aircraft in dioramas. Once again Bjørn does a great job of taking the reader pretty much step by step through the process from concept to the final scene. Uniquely, in these chapters, he goes into some detail on how to make the damage to the aircraft look real and believable. If you think about it the scale thickness of the cowling on your Me 109 model is more akin to the armour on a tank than just sheet metal. Bjørn explains how to correct these issues of damage and scale thickness. By the time Part 4 rolls around the reader is ready for some incredible dioramas. The extent of the detail and the scope are almost intimidating but Bjørn breaks them all down to components and a logical process for building. Of course, once again in these parts, the reader is treated to Bjørn’s own outstanding works, some 26 dioramas in all comprising about 220 plus pages.

 Parts 5, 6, 7, and 8;. These are Rockets and missiles, Ships, Submarines and Water, Tanks and fighting vehicles and Sci-fi respectively.

The actual rockets discussed in Part 5 have been seen as components in four earlier dioramas in the text. This part deals in mores specifics as it pertains to adding rockets or missiles to a model or diorama and making them look convincing.

Part 6 adds water to the mix or rather what will look like water for your dioramas whether you have ships on the surface, submarines partially submerged, aircraft crashed in the ocean. One diorama even deals with a helicopter supporting a surface rescue boat.

In Part 7 we’re back to armoured vehicles. All three dioramas deal with WWII German tanks and armoured vehicles plus cars, motorcycles, soldiers and the occasional building or demolished bridge.

Now comes Part 8, which covers a single diorama is, in my humble opinion, absolutely AWESOME! Now I might be a little prejudice since the subject matter meshes together 2 of my favourite subjects; Luftwaffe ’46 and a Nazi outpost on the moon. There are some American astronauts and aliens as well. The idea for this diorama, though this is only my guess, came from the movie Iron Sky. Anyway, it is absolutely spectacular with incredible detail.

Only two parts left to review.

Part 9 of The Complete Guide to Military Dioramas and Models authored by Bjørn Jacobsen covers some Stand-alone models. There are four of them that cover the A-10, A-7, B-17G and the He-219 A-0. Now in these, Bjørn has covered the building of the model, figures to complement the scene and a few variations of scenes that have the aircraft in a very “natural” role. Unlike many of the previous discussions, there are not a lot of extras to construct and are not really dioramic in the truest sense but do result in some incredible photographic displays.

Last but not least is Part 10 entitled How to do it. This is a primer for the photography used in the creation of his scenes and the composition of the backgrounds. There is a section on the construction of buildings, sheds, ruins and the like. Bjørn covers his sequence for painting and coating models, some basic airbrushing and scale effect as it applies to modifying paints. Weathering of the models in a diorama, as well as the forced perspective often used in photography,  are introduced. He wraps it all up with the basic steps of construction of a diorama and the materials involved.

While I have seen several other “How To” books, this is the first I have found to be so complete that it may very well fit the bill as the only reference needed to produce incredibly realistic dioramas.

As a disclaimer, since I have been asked, I have no financial interest in this book. I purchased the book from Amazon and paid the same as anyone else who orders it. I did ask the authors permission to review it and post my thoughts about it and that was given without hesitation. I do not know Bjørn Jacobsen other than through his works posted on several of the FaceBook forums and in fact have never met the man. That I would like to remedy at some point.

There, that should help make some folks happy.

Here are some of the

dioramas that

are described in detail

in the books:

  CL-415 the areal firefighter in action                Bf 109 E-7 Trop crash-landing                       Kurt Knipsel - the Greatest Tank Ace ever              

  B-17 damages                                                   Bf 110  crash-landing                                        Ki-84 and F4U Corsair       

 Churchill Crocodile, the flamethrower tank      Cutlass ramp strike                                          Libyan MIG-23 and the rebels

  Operation "Bodenplatte"                                 Hans Joakim Marseille's "Yellow 14"                Moon landing 1969 - and the 4th Reich 

BV 222 - the giant German flying boat                   Operation "Tidal Wave"  - Ploesti                        DC-3 Dakota landing on a rooftop in London

 Heinkel He-111 Crash-landing in Norway              German Tiger Tanks                                            The P-47 that refused to die

  F-106 launching the Genie missile                        The German Schnellboot                                     Launching the SA-2 "Guideline" Missile

 Neubaufahrzeug in Norway 1940                         A7 Corsair II in the Hellenic Air Force                 Kurt Knipsel - The King Tiger Commander

 Sea Rescue. RNLI lifeboat and RAF Sea King      Katyusha - the feared Stalin's Organ                   Defiant Down

 Bf 109 "Black 3" in the Libyan Desert                    Hans-Ulrich Rudel and his Kanonenvoegel         Convair F-106 the "Cornfield Bomber"

    Junkers Ju 88 crash into a house                        Heinkel He 115 and the arctic convoys                 Operation Jericho - the prison-break

      Rescue Mission Impossible                               The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in the birch forest          Dornier Do 26 in the Far North

 Drama in Kattegat, 1940                                       Blohm & Voss BV 138 at the Far North                SBD Dauntless ditches in the Pacific

 F-100 "Misty" over North Vietnam                         Hurricane down                                                   He-219 - the ultimate German Night Fighter

 The end of Blohm & Voss BV-222 V2                    MIG 21 vs F-4 Phantom                                       Bf 109-G crash-landing

 Day of the Typhoon                                                Battle of Midway, the story of the Dauntless      A-10 Warthog the Queen of Close Air Support

 Junker Ju 88 Zerstörer Crash-landing                    Savioa-Marchetti  SM.79 torpedo bomber         The Sherman Firefly vs The King Tiger

 Lancaster burning                                                 Short Sunderland at Malta                                   B-17 "Miss Conduct"

 B-17 Crash-landing                                               Heinkel He 177 "Greif" on fire                              The Battle of Taranto (Italy)

 Lysander - the famous SOE's "Spy-Taxi"                Achtung Mosquito!                                               Hanna Reitch, Hitlers'd female test pilot

 F16 runs off the runway                                           P 38 Lightning                                                    Dornier Do 335 "Pheil"

 Luftwaffe graveyard                                               The Black Friday, 9th February 1945                   The sea shall not have them

   Ju 87 G Kanonenvoegel  crash-landing                F4 Phantom over North Vietnam                         "Stringbags" at war 

    The strangest tank buster in WWII                     BIBER - the German midget submarine              Prado's Push, Vietnam 1967

       Archer, the fastest Howitzer in the world          B-17 "All American" collided with Bf 109              Ilyushin Il-2 dioramas

        Victoria Cross WW I - Alan McLeod                  War in the Pacific                                                  Bf 109 G-10 vs P 47

        Cabin at the lake                                                 B-17 Piggyback incident                                      The attack on Gestapo HQ Brussels

       "Rat Catching "                                                     F-84 vs MIG 15                                                    P-40 in the desert

       The Blanheim Massacre                                         The Jailbusters                                                  Bf 109 G-14 crash landing

       Stuka vs Hurricane                                              Fw 190 Crash Landing                                             Blücher sinking

Happy Modelling to all!