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A tutorial for making military


by Bjørn Jacobsen


This book is made for all who would like to make a military diorama.

,The book is full of ideas and describes the way many of his well known dioramas has been made.

This book is not about building the perfect model or diorama.

It is about creating a snapshot of history, to freeze a moment in time and,

above all, to tell a story.

The beauty of building a diorama is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is entirely up to your creativity and imagination.

The options are endless and fascinating!

This book describes nearly thirty different dioramas and gives you a fantastic insight into how these were created.

With more than 900 pictures and in-depth description, it gives you numerous

tips and guidance which will help you in building your own military diorama



© 2017 Bjørn Jacobsen

Independently published by Bjørn Jacobsen

Text, pictures and layout by Bjørn Jacobsen

ISBN-13: 978-1547075287

ISBN-10: 1547075287 .

168 pages

Language: English

Product Dimensions: 8,5 x 11 inches (21.5 x 27,9 cm)

Weight: 400g (14.1 oz)


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Read some of the responses from the model building community:


Gordon Nielson: Just got this book from Amazon yesterday. WOW! Don't pass this book up people, you will want this in your collection to learn and to reference from. Thanks Bjorn!


Jan Iversen: An amazing book of top-class artwork in model construction, written by a fantastic model builder. Everyone who builds models – go out and buy the book! Building dioramas do not get the same after reading this!


Claude Zeringue: Received it yesterday. An amazing text that is easy to follow and has invaluable advice and ideas for anyone wanting to step up their modelbuilding. Highly Recommended!


Lyn Gorton: Just got my copy delivered from Amazon, an excellent book full of useful tips and references. I will be using it a lot in the future. Thank you for sharing.


Rick Shanner: Got my copy yesterday!!!! Outstanding Sir, thank for helping us out. So many new ideas. Great book, destined to be one of my favourites.


Jorge Moreyra: Got my copy from Amazon today! 👍👍 Everyone should go and order one!


John Lundgreen: To anyone, who wants to build cool dioramas, this could quite possibly become a bible.

I know that I'll definitely try out some of the cool techniques explained in the book! Brilliant!!


Richard Nilsen: Fantastic reading!


Robert T Walter: Fantastic stories, pictures and «how-to-do» explanations. Great book, great layout! Must be a great HIT!


Svein-Olaf Hvasshovd: It is a very well written book. I have read almost all of it with great interest.


Steve Parker: Great book


‎Roger Franc‎: Just received it, thank you very much good work


Jan Iversen: I and my friend had a "Hobby-evening" yesterday. There was a lot of WOW’s when we went through the book! That the dioramas are based on historical facts are so fascinating.


Dingo Dave: Book has arrived Bjorn. Looks great. Should have got you to sign my copy! Thanks again mate


Rick Shanner: Love the book, it will really be used a lot. Thank you, great work.


Scott Standish: I received the book and it's fantastic!


Eric G: This book presents in a simple and understandable way the tips and tricks to differentiate itself from the productions of the masses in our hobby.


Øivind Sletner Nilsen: Your work is stunning! Thank you for the book! Just loooove it!


Mark Dewhurst: Got the book - it’s fantastic!


Alan Stringer: Was most impressed with your book on diorama building


Chandra Stewart: Hi, got your book, amazing and thank you!!!! I have spread the word for you on a couple of groups I'm in you should see some more sales!


Oliver Hoch: This Book is incredible! Thank You!


John Lundgreen: I highly recommend the book. Best step by step tutorials on specific diorama issues (like lighting, smoke and water), I've seen on paper.


Sletner Nilsen: Love the book! When flipping through the pages, I constantly have to remind myself that this is actually models and not "real".


Michael Allen: This book is a must have! I love it!


Martin Spill: Thanks a lot!! great work!! 😊😊😊😊


Stephen Murphy: Bought your book (in the U.K.) it is excellent, thank you.


Hans Fehrnström: The book came today. A lot of "goodies" for a diorama builder. Thanks!


Steve Holsclaw: Great book, thank you!


Paul Griffiths: Great book well worth it!


Marvin Reyes: I just received your diorama book from Amazon; it is absolutely amazing. The things you can do with simple things like chicken wire and cotton...great book. Thanks for writing it (and letting us all in on your diorama secrets).


William Derek Updegraff: Bjorn, it is an EPIC work, and I’ve already read it from cover to cover. Congratulations!!!!!


Scott Standish: Fantastic book. Makes a great gift for the modeler, or those who admire modelling skills.


Marvin Reyes: I have this book, and it is excellent. You have seen the authors wonderfully, realistic dioramas. Now, in this book, you will find out step-by-step how he does it.


Nick Dransfield: I got my copy. It’s excellent for what I need. Good price. Well done for getting it out.


Bruce's Scale Modeling: After sharing numerous images of Bjorn Jacobsen's work here, I decided to grab his book when it was made available to see how he did it. And it definitely did not disappoint. The book has tons of colour images and steps on how he did his magnificent lighted dioramas. It also has in-depth explanations on why he did them that way. Lots of things you can learn from him. I highly recommend it to everyone, especially those who wants their work to stand out.


Michael Snow: I love your book!! Well worth the money.


Marvin Reyes: I just received your diorama book from Amazon; it is absolutely amazing. The things you can do with simple things like chicken wire and cotton...great book. Thanks for writing it (and letting us all in on your diorama secrets).


Henry Jr Laurinat: The book of modelling masterpieces! Incredible builds!


John Howe; I finally got mine off the net it’s fantastic you sir are a legend thank you for you hints and tips .


Marc Gerkinet; I just received your book today from Amazon and it is absolutely stunning!!!!!


John Reunert: Hi Bjorn, bought your book and have read it front to back. A great source of inspiration and know how, thanks a lot.

Publisher: Bjørn Jacobsen 1448 Drøbak, Norway email: bjorn-jacobsen@outlook.com tlf 0047 917 57 800