34 - My very first models

by Bjørn Jacobsen

My very first Models

If we go back to 1957...


...we find a 15 years old boy, living in Norway and with an interest in aircraft modelling.

He is fascinated by the aircraft from the Second World War and uses his pocket

money to buy all the model kits he can get hold of.

In his room, he spends hours glueing the kits together and painting them by hand.

At that time, there was nothing called airbrush, weathering, after-market products, photoetch, shading and all the stuff today's model builder uses and take for granted.

Neither was there any social media, where your proud work could be picked apart

from self-appointed experts that didn’t know you and you certainly did not know them.

The only one to see your work back in the 50’s and 60’s was your friends and your family, and they would say your models were great, and boost your self-esteem to new heights!

That was the happy time of modelling.

Today, the modelling is big business, and everything is very serious.

Perhaps a little too serious.

Maybe some of the joy of building a model has faded away.

I think a fifteen-year-old boy who is interested in making models today; easily will be scared by the major quality requirements imposed on

today's model makers and I fear for the recruitment to this exciting hobby.

That’s a pity because this hobby is all about FUN, not perfectionism.

The 15 years old boy in 1957 did make a lot of models in the following ten years – and had a lot of fun building them.

But then came work and family and the models were placed in the attic in two cardboard boxes.

And stayed there for almost fifty years.

When he retired, he picked up his old hobby and in 2015 he collected the two boxes and saw in awe what he had made so many years ago.

Some antennas, some cannons and some propeller blades were broken, and some decals were in a bad shape, but otherwise it was like going back in time to see the models.

    Here are the

   old dinosaurs

   from the attic:

      (All models are in 1:72)

I know many want to have a closer look at these old models, and I enclose a picture of each. Most of the kits are from Airfix, and a few are from Frog. You’ll also find a couple of Monogram and Revell kits here. I have not named any of the models.

I'll rather let you ponder and see how many aircrafts you can recognize. 

The pictures below are posted in no particular order.

All these models are now on private display in Canada

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Bjørn Jacobsen

August 2015