17 - Spitfire Mk.XIV

Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV

by Bjørn Jacobsen

Supermarine Spifire Mk.XIV entered operation in January 1944 and was equipped with the new 2.050Hp Rolls-Royce Griffin engine (instead of the usual Merlin engine).


The front is therefore somewhat different and

longer than the Merlin versions.


This new engine gave the XIV a top speed of

718km/h making it one of the fastest piston

engine fighters of the WWII


Many believe that this version of the Spitfire

was the most beautiful model in the large

Spitfire series.


Even with clipped wing tips, as in this model,

the Mk.XIV is a potent pleasure to see.

The clipped wings were for better operations at lower altitudes.


The model has an E-wing configuration with 2x20mm cannons and 2x12,7mm machine guns (other configurations could have 2x20mm and 4x12.7mm)


1:48 from Academy painted with Vallejo acryl.


A restored Spitfire Mk.XIV


An artist’s expression of one of the pictures above

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