09 - Ju 88 C-6 Crashlanding

   Ju 88C-6 Zerstörer Crashlanding

                                   a diorama by Bjørn Jacobsen

This Junkers Ju88C-6 Zerstörer (heavy fighter) belonged to 1./St.G.76 Sturzkampfgeschwader

(1st squadron of 76th Dive Bomber Wing)

On a mission to intercept American bombers in

1943, the Zerstörer was badly damaged by

enemy fire, especially in the starboard wing and

the tail section.

The starboard engine started to burn and the

Zerstörer had no other choice than trying a

forced landing.

The plane landed on its belly and slide nicely on

the ground. It loses speed and a tree hit the wing

just outside the starboard nacelle.

The badly damaged wing breaks off and the

Zerstörer ends up in a small creek.

The fire ceased to burn and the crew escapes

with minor injuries.

Shortly after, German soldiers arrive in a 251

and a couple of officers in a Küberwagen takes

very good care of the crew.

The Diorama

The first I needed was a suitable base for the diorama.

In my garage, I found a suitable plate in 60 x 40 cm (24”x16”) and some polyethene packaging in an old TV box which I thought was perfect for moulding the terrain.

The first thing I did was to roughly cut the landscape out of the polyethene and started to make the terrain and the river. I also found an old green carpet, which could be the base for grass, trees and bushes, it just needed to be painted.

Stones, gravel and sand for the river bed, was right in my back yard. It was just to pick what I needed.

The Plane

The first I did to the plane was to rip

and saw off all the parts which were

damaged or destroyed during the


The starboard wing, the rudders,

the propellers, the engine covers,

the canopy, the landing gear,

the starboard nacelle etc.

I put a new Junkers Jumo 211 engine

into the starboard nacelle and

panted it black and burned.

I also put broken wires and tubes

into the nacelle to make it as realistic

as possible.

I also used very thin metal sheets as

the aircraft's skin and bent it like it was

part of an explosion.

The nacelle and part of the wing was

painted as badly burned.

The sawed-off wing was issued with

a perforated strut and the wing beams,

in front and in the back of the wing,

was made visible and clearly damaged

by the enemy fire.

The wings on a plane are incredibly

strong, and I needed some badly

damages to justify the rip-off of the wing.

Holes were made in the wing and

especially near the wing beams

The plane was also hit in the tail and the

stabilizers and I made holes and shredded

metal skins accordingly

The landing flaps on the starboard side

were partly ripped apart, but were

hanging on to the outer wing.

The wing beams were clearly visible

extending from the broken wing.

I use drawings of the plane to get 

the interior as correct as possible.

The propellers were heated over a candle

and bent backwards.

It is almost time to place the plane in the

diorama, but I needed a three for

ripping off the wing.

The three was made by

The trees were made by twisting wires

from inside a lamp cord around a wooden

stick. By still twisting the wires into

smaller parts, I can make the branches

of the tree.

This is a technique which is also good

when making bushes and smaller trees.

To get the stem so vividly as possible,

I used Elmer's clear School Glue, mixed

with sawdust. After it dried, it was ready

for painting. The small branches have to

be airbrushed, otherwise, it is almost

impossible to paint all the thin wires.

To get the leaves on the tree, I spray it

with hairspray and sprinkle over the

Woodland Scenic Grass. It adheres to

the hairspray and with a sympathetic look,

it could be leaves. 

Then, the Zerstörer was placed

at the riverbed for the first time.

                                                                       The water was made with Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.


and the Soldiers

The help arrived in an armored half-track

personnel carrier, Sd.Kfz.251/1,

in short 251

This APC could carry a crew of two and

up to ten infantrymen.

The Soldiers took care of the wounded

aircraft crew and formed perimeter

around the crash site.

The German soldiers are from

Tamiya (1:48)

I have also placed a couple of civilian

onlookers on the other side of the creek.

It is probably an old farmer and his dog,

together with his war-injured son.

and here it is:

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Bjørn Jacobsen

Desember 2013

This diorama will be on display at

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