16 - Hurricane Mk1 & Spitfire Mk1

Hurricane Mk1 & Spitfire Mk1

by Bjørn Jacobsen

The British had several different fighters in the air during the Battle of Britain summer and autumn of 1940, but the Spitfire and Hurricane were without doubt the most famous - and the absolutely most important - in the desperate struggle against the German Bf109.

The losses under BOB (total loss) were 1,603 British planes and 1,733 German aircraft. When considering these numbers, is important to remember that most of the German aircrafts operated at the limit of its range, while the British were over their territory.


The models are 1:48 Hurricane Mk.1 from Italeri and Spitfire Mk.1 from Tamiya.


Hawker Hurricane Mk1 from RAF No 242 Squadron. Flight Officer WL McKnight

Based at Coltishall, Desember 1940

Supermarine Spitfire Mk1, RAF No 610 Squadron, s/n L1043 Stationed at Biggin Hills during

Battle of Britain.

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