19 - Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger

Heinkel He162 Volksjäger

by Bjørn Jacobsen

The first Heinkel He162 “Volksjäger” took to the air in December 1944.


It was a beautiful little jet, the size of a modern SUV and with a simple design and very easy to produce (much easier than the Messerschmitt Me262).


It was made totally unrealistic plans for the He162:

Production of up to 4,000 aircraft per month and

staffed with pilots from the Hitler Jugend (!),

the Volksjäger should once and for all stop the

American heavy bombers over Germany.


During the first months of 1945 the first He162 was

delivered to JG1 and when the war ended in May,

it was manufactured about 170 machines.


Lack of trained pilots and fuel put an end to the

active service og the He162.


The He162 had only one (unconfirmed) air victory:

A Hawker Typoon (4th May 1945)


The Volksjäger (also called the Salamander) could

have been a potential very dangerous threat to

the Allied bombers.


The top speed was as high as 905km/h (!)

The armament was also impressive: Two 30mm or 20mm cannons


But, as so many of Luftwaffe's newest aircrafts, it was too late, and too few.


When the Americans arrived at German airfields, they found tens of combat-ready He162 - without pilots and with empty tanks.


The model is a He162A-2. 1:48 from Master Serie.


Symbolic of the last days of the Reich's aviation industry are these Heinkel He162A's under construction in a former salt mine near Magdeburg, safe for the time from Allied bombing. Some 170 Hs162's were delivered to the Luftwaffe, and at the end of the war 100 or more were complete awaiting flight test, and 800 more were almost complete.


He162A-2 Salamander


Powerplant: One BMW 003E-1

turbojet rated at 7,8kN (1.783lb)

for take-off and 9,02kN (2.028lb)

for maximum burst


Performance: Maximun speed at

normal trust: 790km/h (490mph)

at sea level or 838km/h (520mph)

at 6.000m. Maximum speed using

extra thrust: 905km/h (562mph)

Range at full throttle:620km


Service ceiling: 12.000m



Weights: Empty 1663kg (3.666lb)

loaded 2.805kg (6.184lb)


Dimensions: Wng span: 7,3m (23,6ft), length 9.03m (29ft),

height 2,6m (8ft 6in)


Arament: Two 20mm MG151 cannons in forward fuselage