18 - Focke Wulf Fw 190 D-9

Focke Wulf Fw190 D "Langnase"

by Bjørn Jacobsen

Fw 190D "Dora" was the last of the Fw190 series. It was a high performance and very competent fighter, well suited to meet the American heavy bombers at high altitude (above 7,000m), where allied bomber formations operated.

This was a fighter that could stand up to the best of the allied fighters and was perhaps the best German fighter during WWII

                                                                                                    The Fw190D had a fierce armament (2x20mm

                                                                                                    and 2x13mm cannons)  that could easily bring

                                                                                                    down the heavies.

                                                                                                    During its lifetime, more than 20,000 Fw 190s

                                                                                                    of all types were built, but only about 1.800 of

                                                                                                    the Dora.

                                                                                                    The "Long Nose" came too late and in too

                                                                                                    small, quantities to cause major problems for

                                                                                                    the  hordes of B-17 and B-24 well protected by

                                                                                                    the Mustangs.

                                                                                                    The 190D had a 2.071Hp Jumo engine in 

                                                                                                    contrast to all previous Fw190 which all had

                                                                                                    BMW engines.

                                                                                                    This new engine gave the Fw 190D a speed of


                                                                                                    The Jumo engine also gave the “Dora” its

                                                                                                    characteristic long nose which of course was

                                                                                                    the origin of the nickname.

                                                                                                     To the left: Three different examples of camouflage on

                                                                                                                               theFw190D. The Swastikas on the tail is probably

                                                                                                                               removed for political reasons

The Model

The white-black band on the tail identifies the model as a JG4 aircraft.

The camouflage consisted of RLM 75/83 on the upper surfaces and blue-green RLM76 on the lower.

RLM75 and 83 were applied to the fuselage, and the tail unit wore RLM 83 mottling.

The engine section showed original Junkers paint of RLM83 and a whitish RLM76.

RLM75 spots were added to the upper cowling.

The forward part of the wing under surfaces, ailerons and landing flaps were blue-green RLM76.

The model is an Fw190D-9, belonging to Stab/JG4 (April 1945)

1:48 from Eduard (ProfiPack)

A Fw190D captured by US Forces in 1945


Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9

Power plant: One Junkers Jumo213A-1 12 cylinder developing 1670kW (2242hp) at sea level.

Performance: Maximum speed 686km/h (423mph) at 6.600m (21.600ft), 575km/h (357mph) at sea level. Maximum range on internal fuel 837km (520miles)

Dimensions: Wing span 10,50m (34ft 5in), length 10,19m (33ft 5in), heath 3,36m (11ft)

Armament: Two 20mm MG151 cannons and two 13mm MG131 machine guns. One 500kg bomb

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