10 - Defiant Down

Boulton Paul Defiant Mk1 Shot Down

by Bjørn Jacobsen

Boulton Paul Defiant Mk1.was most certainly one of the worst aircraft designs of the WWII.  A revolutionary but flawed concept specified by the Air Ministry – a "fast" fighter with no fixed forward armament but a powerful four-gun dorsal turret. Turret fighters were expected to be able to engage enemy bombers from any aspect, but in practice, the plane was quite helpless when meeting fast and agile fighters which knew that the Defiant had no forward firing guns.

When the war started, Britain had two squadrons

of the Defiant (no 264 and no 141).

The plane had initially some success in the

fighting leading up to the evacuation at Dunkirk.

However, the Luftwaffe pilots soon learned that

a Defiant attacked head-on was an easy target

and by August 1940, what was left of the

Defiants were withdrawn from military daylight


The Defiant was then painted black and

become night fighters, but without any

significant success.

Eventually, all the Defiant was removed from 

night fighting duties as well.

It was, therefore, no big surprise that the

Defiant in this diorama was shot down by

German Bf109’s over the English Channel on

the 24th of August 1940.

The plane was part of RAF 264 Squadron and

was piloted by Squadron Leader P.Hunter and

the gunner was Sergeant F.King

The Diorama

The Defiant is built right from the Box of the Classic Airframes Kit in 1:48 and painted with Vallejo acryl paint.

The cannon holes in the fuselage and in the canopy is made by a sharp knife and the bent out panels are made of bits of a very thin metal sheet (from a mayonnaise tube)

The smoke and fire from the engine are made by steel wool with a wire inside to keep it stable.

It would have been nice to have a light inside the hood, giving the illusion of an engine fire.

Not having this, I settled for painting the steel wool and putting some gloss on the “fire” to make it more “sparkling”.

The waves are made by a paper Mache called Sculptamold and painted with acryl paints.

The splash of water around the nose of the plane is sculpted with Sculptamold and the painted With ordinary acryl Paint.

To get the wet look of the water, I used the Woodland Scenic Realistic Water and Water Effects.

                                   Defiant from RAF 264 Sqn

Defiant from RAF 141 Sqn

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