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Dioramas and Models

by Bjørn Jacobsen




On this website, I am presenting some of my dioramas and models.

I explain the background for each diorama and I show how it was built.

I hope some of my work might inspire some of you to try this exciting hobby.


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I have written a couple of books about building Dioramas and Models


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Page 03 Ju87 B-2 Stuka BoB 1940

Page 06 BV138 at the Artic Coast

Page 09 Ju-88 C6 Zerstörer Crach Landing

Page 12 B-17 Crash Landing

Page 15 P-51 Mustang

Page 18 Henschel Hs 129 "Panzerknacker"

Page 21 Fw 190 D-9 "Langnase"

Page 24 Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7 Trop

Page 27 Sukhoi Su-30 Mk Flanker

Page 30 Hanna Reitsch, April 1945

Page 33 Hawker Thphoon 1B

Page 36 Battle of Midway June 1942




DIORAMA: Submarine HMS SEAL surrender to two German Ar196 planes in May 1940


MODEL: Stuka 87G at the Eastern Front 1944/45. Summer and Winter Camo


MODEL: Junker Ju87 B-2 Stuka from Battle of Britain 1940


MODELS & DIORAMA: The German Night Fighter Squadron in Norway, 1945


MODEL & DIORAMA: BV138 C-1 takes off in rough sea on the Norwegian coast 1944


DIORAMA: BV 138 refuelling at a North Norwegian Fishing community 1944


DIORAMA: A forced landing of a Bf109 G from JG27


DIORAMA: A tribute to the best combat pilot ever. Eastern Front 1944


DIORAMA: Ju88 Zerstörer Crashlanding


DIORAMA: Boulton Paul Defiant Mk1 crashes in the English Channel 1940


MODEL: The building of Flying Fortress B-17G "Miss Conduct" 1944


DIORAMA: A forced landing after being badly damaged over Germany (1944)


MODEL & DIORAMA: Ar234 B-2 the Luftwaffe's Superplane in Norway 1945


MODELS: Republic P-47 "Razorback" and "Bubbletop".


MODELS: North American P-51B and D "Mustang"


MODELS & DIORAMA: Hurricane Mk1 and Spitfire Mk1 - the Heroes of Battle of Britain 1940


MODEL: Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV, perhaps the best Spitfire during WWII


MODEL & DIORAMA: Henschel Hs129 "Panzerknacker" from Eastern Front winter 1944


MODEL: Heinkel He162 Volksjäger - too few and too late.


MODEL: Messerschmitt Me262, the first real jetfighter


MODEL: Fw190 D-9 - probably the best German piston-engine fighter during WWII


MODELS: Messerschmitt Bf 109 the backbone of the Luftwaffe fighter force


MODEL & DIORAMA: Hans Joachim Marseille and his "Yellow 14" 1942


MODEL & DIORAMA: "Black 3" of 2./JG27 in the Libyan Desert 1941


MODEL: Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-8 Sturmböcke - the Viermoto killer


MODELS: The "Black Tulip" Bf109G-10 (1945) and F86-F Sabre (1959)


MODEL: Sukhoi Su-30MK Air-Superiority Fighter, Russia


MODEL: Panavia Tornado F3, RAF Air-Superiority Interceptor


DIORAMA: Luftwaffe's last desperate attempt to crush the Allied Airpower in Western Europe


DIORAMA: Hanna Reitsch and von Greim land in a Fi-156 at Brandenburger Tor


MODELS & DIORAMA: The Air Battle at The Førde Fjord (Norway).


MODEL & DIORAMA: Dornier Do335 - the fastest piston engine fighter of WW2


MODEL: The Typhoon, one of World War II’s most potent ground attack aircraft


DIORAMA: Hawker Typhoons from the 2nd TAF and the Battle of Mortain (Aug 1944)


DIORAMA: 6th August 1945: The B-29 “Enola Gay” drops the Atomic bomb over Hiroshima.


DIORAMA: The Douglas SBD Dauntless and the story of the Battle of Midway, June 1942



MODELS: My old models from the 50's and 60's - Saved from the attic August 2015


MODELS: A look at the first generation jets: Me 262, Lockheed P-80 and Gloster Meteor


DIORAMA: A tribute to Kurt Knispel, the greatest tank ace of all time


DIORAMA: France 1944, a lull in the fighting. Knispel and his crew chatting with some soldiers


DIORAMA: The CIA-operated spy plane shot down over Soviet

MODELS & DIORAMA: The US Navy's ZERO killer 1943-1945


MODELS & DIORAMA; The dominant fighter in the Pacific War Theatre 1940 - 1943


MODELS & DIORAMA: Twenty FAA Fairley Swordfish decimated the huge Italian battle fleet


MODELS & DIORAMA: A Change Vought F7U-3 crashed on USS Hancock


Answers to some frequently asked questions about building dioramas and models


DIORAMA: A Ju87-G is shot down at the Eastern Front, March 1945


MODELS & DIORAMA: The GREIF - that could have been the WWII most formidable bomber


MODELS & DIORAMA: Bf110 G-4 Part #1 of "Deadly nocturnal encounter over Germany"


MODELS & DIORAMA: Lancaster Part #2 of "Deadly nocturnal encounter over Germany"


MODELS & DIORAMA: Bf110 G-4 and Avro Lancaster - a deadly encounter over Germany


MODELS: Northrop F-5 the International US fighter of the Cold War.


MODEL & DIORAMA: F-100 Super Sabre, the first operational supersonic fighter


DIORAMA: A Super Sabre from the Misty squadron attacks Viet Cong on the Ho Chi Minh trail


MODEL & DIORAMA: The “Loco Busters” of the 20th Fighter Group


DIORAMA: The scrapping of Luftwaffe after WW2


DIORAMA & MODELS: The Phantom and the MiG -21 over North Vietnam (1972)


DIORAMA & MODEL: Killer in the Sky: Russia's Deadly Su-35 Super-Flanker.


DIORAMA & MODEL: The fast and dangerous German Motor Torpedo Boat


DIORAMA: Bf109 E-7 Trop from JG27 crashes in the Libyan Desert


DIORAMA: The army co-op aircraft which became the famous SOE’s “Spy-Taxi”


DIORAMA: The fearsome “Stalin Organ” in Action


MODEL & DIORAMA: Luftwaffe’s Giant Flying Boat; Blohm & Voss BV 222 Wiking


MODEL & DIORAMA: The Allied testing and destroying the Giant Flying Boat



MODEL & DIORAMA: Carlo Emanuele Buscaglia and his SM.79 torpedo bomber


MODEL & DIORAMA: Canadair CL-415, the aerial firefighter in action


MODEL & DIORAMA: The ultimate interceptor and the world's fastest single-engine jet aircraft


MODEL & DIORAMA: The the incredible story of the F-106 that landed itself


MODEL & DIORAMA: The rescue heroes: The RNLI Lifeboat and the Sea King Helicopter


DIORAMA: "The Heinkel in the river" A He-111 shot down in Norway, April 1940


DIORAMA: An armoured nightmare on the battlefield: The Crocodile flamethrower tank


DIORAMA: Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 crashlanding


DIORAMA: Air-Sea Rescue Operation. A British Walrus and a German Bf 110


DIORAMA: The famous and dreaded German battle tank. The Tiger I and the King Tiger


DIORAMA: A Libyan MiG-23 and rebels (Libyan Civil War 2011)


The book: "A tutorial for making military DIORAMAS and Models"

Some of the Dioramas and Models you can see on this website:

click on the picture if you want to see more details about the model or diorama

Page 01 Drama in Kattegat 4th May 1940

Page 04 Nachtjëgerstaffel Norwegen 1945

Page 07 Bf109G - a forced landing

Page 10 Defiant Down August 1940

Page 13 Arado Ar 234 B-2

Page 16 Hurricane Mk1 & Spitfire Mk1

Page 02 Ju87-G Kanonenvoegel

Page 05 BV138 Der Fliegende Holtzschuh

Page 08 Hans Ulrich Rudel and his Stuka

Page 11 Building of B-17 "Miss Conduct"

Page 14 P-47 Thunderbolt

Page 17 Spitfire Mk, XIV

Page 19 Heinkel He 162 "Volksjäger"

Page 22 Messerschmitt Bf 109

Page 25 Fw 190 A-8 "Sturmböcke"

Page 28 Tornado F3 Interseptor

Page 31 Black Friday Feb 9th 1945

Page 34 Day of the Typhoon

Page 37 My first models (1950s and 60s)

Page 20 Messerschmitt Me 262

Page 23 Marseille's "Yellow 14"

Page 26 Erich Hartmann - Ace of Aces

Page 29 Operation Bodenplatte 1st Jan 1945

Page 32 Dornier Do 335-A Pfeil

Page 35 End of WWII

Page 38 The first jet fighters of World War II

Page 40 Kurt Knispel - the Tiger Commander

Page 39 Kurt Knispel - The Tank Legend

Page 41 The U-2 Incident May 1st 1960

Page 42 F6F Hellcat - the Zero killer

Page 43 A6M Zero - the dominant Japanese fighter

Page 44 The attack on Taranto, Nov 1940

Page 45 Cutlass Ramp Strike 14th July 1955

Page 46 Answers to some frequently asked questions

Page 47 "Kanonenvoegel" Down, March 1945


Page 48 He 177 - the German heavy bomber

Page 51: Deady Nocturnal Encounter over Germany

Page 54: F-100F "Misty" over North Vietnam (1969)

Page 57: F-4 Phantom vs MiG-21 over North Vietnam

Page 60: Bf 109 crashes in the Libyan Desert

Page 63: BV 222 the Giant German Flying Boat.

Page 66: CL-415, the aerial firefighter in action

Page 69: RNLI Lifeboat and Sea King Helicopter

Page 72: Bf 109 G-10 crashlanding

Page 75: Libyan Civil War: MiG-23 and rebels

Page 49: Bf 110 G-4 Night Fighter (Part #1)

Page 52: Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter

Page 55: Lockheed P-38 Lightning over Europe

Page 58: Su-35 Russia's deadly Killer in the sky

Page 61: Westland Lysander, the SOE's "Spy-Taxi"

Page 64: The destroying of BV 222 V2

Page 67: F-106 the ultimate interceptor

Page 70: He-111 in the river, Norway April 1940

Page 73: Supermarine Walrus in ation

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Page 50: Avro Lancaster Bomber (Part #2)

Page 53 North American F-100 Super Sabre

Page 56: Luftwaffe Graveyard

Page 59: The German Schnellboot S-100

Page 62: The fearsome "Katyusha" in action

Page 65: SM.79 torpedo bomber

Page 68: The F-106 that landed itself

Page 71: Crocodile, the flamethrowing tank

Page 74: The dreaded German Tiger Tanks


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